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Days and Hours of Availability

By appointment only

Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday; Friday

9:30am to 1:30pm

Because healing is a personal experience and my sessions focus deeply on that,

I do not offer gift certificates.

I am, however, happy to send invoices to individuals for clients who have a scheduled appointment with me. 

A deeply relaxing experience weaving slow-long Swedish techniques coupled with therapeutic holds to the body, all while giving your body and nervous system time to drop in and relax. 

I am a big believer in the powerful effects ones own body can create when given the time and space to drop in and heal. You'll find this session to be a slow pace, comforting and nurturing with the use of various techniques applied as needed such as Craniosacral Therapy, Gentle Myofascial Release, Unwinding, Attunement Energy Work coupled with Swedish massage strokes.

Your session will be tailored to your current needs.

Please see below for details of Craniosacral Therapy/Unwinding, Myofascial Release, Attunement Energy Work

This session is not your typical traditional massage session. It encompasses different bodywork modalities to help your body unwind and relax.

New Client Appointments

90 Min     $1 1 5

60 Min     $85

90 Min     $ 1 1 5

New Clients please call or email to schedule


A deeply relaxing experience for the mind and body
Let Yourself Land
"In order to feel "okay" we need to feel safe. And in order to feel safe, we need to feel stable and grounded." -Jillian Pransky 



Every Trimester Welcome
Be Nurtured & Supported during this Sacred time

Special Note:

Clients need to be under a doctor or midwife's care; need to have heard the baby(s) heart beat, and have doctor or midwife's approval

All Trimesters welcome as long as all safety guidelines listed above are met.

Sessions will focus on all the areas pregnancy affects mom's changing body. We will discuss how you are feeling, how your pregnancy is evolving, and then focus on these areas.

Momma's to be will receive a side lying and/or a semi-reclined massage treatment as this is the safest way to receive during this sacred time. Side lying is one of the best positions to address tight shoulders, low back issues, and sacral iliac- SI joint pain.

Enjoy yourself in a sea of support using pillows and bolsters to keep you comfortable during the session.


Add in:

Prenatal Craniosacral Therapy is an effective and gentle approach in allowing stubborn tension to release from the body. These techniques can be added in to your session for a deeply relaxing experience.


Effective for moms experiencing any types of pains, discomforts, tension/balancing the hips/preparing for labor

60 Min     $85

90 Min     $ 1 1 5

New Clients please call or email to schedule 
Mother and Baby Sleeping



A heavy dose of TLC and R&R for your 4th trimester needs

Sleep deprivation, exhaustion, sore muscles, dramatic change in hormones, stress; these times call for a gentle and nurturing touch for new mothers. Extra TLC is given during this important time with emphasis on relaxing the body and nervous system.

This session provides a nurturing space for moms to relax and receive a gentle touch in a place to feel supported during such a sacred time in her life. 


        Babies are always welcome at any age, but mothers find these sessions most ideal for babies less than 14wk old

This session provides moms with very precious bonding time, but also allows nourishment for moms with therapeutic touch.

Mothers can choose to have skin to skin time with baby, warm cuddle time with baby, or choose to side nurse baby while receiving a side lying massage session.



Added support is provided for mothers to accommodate any sensitive areas they may be experiencing; ie breast tenderness from nursing, low back pain, incision/scar 

60 Min     $85

90 Min     $ 1 1 5

New Clients please call or email to schedule


Light touch therapy enhancing the body's own ability to self heal

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle yet powerful hands on modality that is highly effective in releasing tensions in the central nervous system to allow other systems in the body(musculoskeletal; vascular, endocrine, digestive; circulatory ie.) to relax and self correct.

By addressing the Central Nervous System(CNS) directly, the CNS enhances the body's own healing process.


The craniosacral system starts from the cranium and extends down to the base of the sacrum. It then intricately connects with the rest of the body. Consisting of membranes and cerebral spinal fluid that surround and support the brain and spinal cord.

Through a gentle fine tuned touch restrictions in the body are identified. 

By creating changes in the central nervous system the body can self correct and heal a wide range of ailments.

When these areas are addressed and balanced the health and wellbeing can naturally be expressed.

Craniosacral for:


back pain/ headaches/ pelvic-hip area tension 



low back, pelvis and hip tension/neck tension/deep relaxation


-Pain or Stress-

headaches/migraines/stress/tension/anxiety/neck pain/fibromyalgia/arthritis

Check out this video and more information about Craniosacral Therapy






New Client 90 Mins  $1 1 5


60 Min     $85

90 Min     $ 1 1 5

New Clients please call or email to schedule

Myofascial Release

Water Ripple

Myo=Muscle   Fascial=Fascia=Connective Tissue​

A fluid-like system connecting the entire body as one 

Myofascial Release is a hands on technique that involves applying prolonged pressure into the Myofascial Connective Tissue to eliminate restrictions and restore motion. It can range from light touch to a deep touch.


Imagine a knitted sweater with its threads weaving together and intricently connecting. Now imagine getting a snag at the hem of the sweater and noticing how the snag creates a pull through the torso of the sweater and how it effects the sweater all the way to the shoulder.

The fascial system works in a very similar way to this scenario. Fascia surrounds every area inside our bodies ie-muscles, nerves, organs, arteries, tendons ect. It's the glue that holds us together and keeps things in place! Being as it encompasses everything inside us, it then means that everything inside our bodies is connected and effecting each other.

The fascial system is designed to be a fluid-like system allowing our bodies to move freely, but also protecting it when necessary.

When the body experiences an injury, trauma or even a strong emotion the fascial system responds similarly like cellophane clinging together and contracting around this area to protect it. We can notice this in the body with tight areas, types of pain or restricted range of motion in our movements. 


Fascia can be released of restricted patterns by holding the tissue and allowing the fascia to 'melt' and release. This can be done with a light touch to a firm touch. This freeing of fascial restrictions creates lasting and noticeable effects in the body.


Beneficial for:

injuries, headaches/migraines, sciatic pain, nerve pain, disc pain, repetitive motion injuries, limited rand of motion



I like to combine Craniosacral Therapy and Myfascial Release Therapy.

These two therapies combined allows the body to free restrictions to the nerves and connective tissue which may be contributing to a wide range of problems such as inflammation, reduced range of motion, chronic pain, tissue stiffness

New Client 90 Mins $ 1 1 5


60 Min     $85

90 Min     $ 1 1 5

New Clients please call or email to schedule
Helping Hands
Craniosacral Therapy
Myofascial Release
Women's Health



Balancing the physiological and energetics of the body

Mountain Lake

Attunement is a non-touch and occasional light touch that balances the physiologic and energetic functions of the body. 

Attunement creates an energetic flow through the endocrine glands, various organs, the chakra system, nervous system and nerve plexus, spine, energy meridians, digestive system, lymphatic system, bones, brain and mental function, spiritual expression, and the feeling realm, all designed to enhance one’s state of health and well-being.

Attunement creates a deep feeling of relaxation.


Beneficial for:

Pain, Digestive Issues, Stress and Anxiety

60 Min     $60

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