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Self Care for Fertility

Your at Home Holistic Approach
Castor Oil Pack

Castor Oil is a highly beneficial oil with qualities that are anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. The oil will increase beneficial white blood cells to the area it is applied to.

Traditionally used to aid in cases of inflammation, pain, or growths. It is highly effective for reproductive health. 

Castor Oil supports ovarian health, fallopian tube health, uterine health, egg health and detoxification before conception. The oil stimulates three important body systems; Lymphatic, Circulatory and Digestion/Liver to aid in healing organs and tissues where the castor oil is applied.

How to Apply a Castor Oil Pack

Supplies Needed:

Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Cotton Flannel or Wool Flannel (enough to cover entire abdomen)

Heating Pad or Hot Water Bottle


Easy to Use Method:

1. Start reclined with a towel underneath torso

2. Warm oil in hands and apply to entire abdominal region making sure to reach the pubic bone and inside the pelvic bowl. You will use about 1/2 cup of oil.

3. Place flannel on top of the castor oil and apply your heat source to the top of flannel.

4. Relax and allow the castor oil to penetrate into the skin for a minimum of 20 minutes

5. After removal clean the area with a warm cloth or continue to allow the oil to penetrate the skin

Store the pack in a closed container keep in the refrigerator. Keep the flannel unwashed. It can be reused for up to one month.

Moon Goddess

Women's bodies are highly effected by the moon. 

Ovulation is controlled by light. When aligned with the moon's energy we can sync our cycles with the ebbs and flows of the moon.

When the moon is full it stimulates ovulation by causing a pulling effect. The new moon then is the start of menstruation.

To be the Moon Goddess you were meant to be find yourself moon gazing. Search for the moon everyday and give yourself a couple of moments to pause in its nourishing energy. You will soon find yourself syncing with its waxing and waning.


Throughout the month sleep in complete darkness. 

Midway through your cycle sleep with a light on for three nights. 

Essential Herbs for Uterine Health
Abdominal Massage

Massaging the abdominal region with light to medium long strokes promotes circulation to the area. Promoting fresh blood and breaking up adhesions.

Use a carrier oil such as coconut oil and apply long strokes as if tracing the sun. 

Start under your left ribs moving down to the left hip. 

Cross the midline to the right hip; continue stroke up to the bottom of right ribs; ending back at the left quadrant. Continue the circular motion several times. 



Apply self massage daily.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga stimulates several systems in the body, deeming it highly effective for you overall health. While focusing on your breath during a pose you are not only stretching and breathing, bu allowing major energy shift to occur. The nervous system relaxes casing a chain reaction to the endocrine system. Breathinand moving effects the circulatory system activating fresh oxygen and blood to be disbursed throughout the body; repairing cell structures in the muscles, bones organ tissues and skin cells.

Targeted poses with breathing can create reproductive health by softening the abdominal region endearing tension around the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and also creating an overall feeling of wellbeing.

5 Yoga Poses for Reproductive Health

1. Cobra Pose - Stimulates hormone production to reproductive organs; opens up abdominal region

2. Bridge Pose - Opens the abdominal region; activates thyroid gland; pelvic thrust creates energy and blood flow to circulate the abdominal region

3. Legs up the Wall Pose - Resets the nerves system; 20 Minutes in the pose equals a 2 hour nap

4. Cobblers Pose - Pelvis, abdomen and back are stimulated to unwind tension

5. Spinal Twist - Massages reproductive organs; while in the twist the abdomen gets rinsed out along with stored toxins. Unwinding from the pose allows fresh blood to circulate and restore the abdominal region.

Stinging Nettles

Uterine tonic known to strengthen the adrenals and kidneys. The leaves are packed with vitamins and carries a high mineral and chlorophyll content which makes it an excellent food and tonic for the hormonal system.

Red Raspberry Leaf 

Known to ease menstrual discomfort, menstrual flow, improve reproductive health, balance hormones and strengthen and tone the uterine wall.

Red Raspberry is high in vitamin C, E, A , B and has significant amounts of major minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium which all support uterine health.

Calcium and Magnesium are two minerals thought to be the most important in affecting a woman's ability to conceive and maintain a pregnancy.

Where to buy:

Health Food Stores

Natural Grocers/ WholeFoods/Sprouts

YOGI TEAS - Woman's Teas

-Woman's Moon Cycle

-Red Raspberry Tea

-Mother to Be

-Woman's Energy

-Stinging Nettles


-Red Raspberry Leaf

-Woman;s Healthy Cycle

-Woman's Pregnancy Tea

-Stinging Nettles

Meditation    Guided Relaxation   Creative Visualization 

Struggling with infertility can create large amounts of stress in a person's life. To make matters worse, stress has a negative effect on fertility and health. Meditation, Guided Relaxation and Creative Visualizations are three tools that can help you feel empowered to conquer the stress and emotional concerns of infertility obstacles.

Meditation is a powerful technique for learning how to unclench our minds and find happiness that is not dependent on anything outside of ourself. It allows us to disconnect from the outside world and align with our inner being. We can listen to what our body is needing and wanting and feel more present and mindful.

Guided Relaxation is a form of meditation. Listen as you are led on a journey through the body to relax, ground and refresh.

Creative Visualization uses the Law of Attraction; stating that 'Like creates Like- Positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts.' If you can visualize yourself as a healthy woman with a strong body that is perfect in every way; then you'll see yourself as a healthy woman IN a strong body that was ALWAYS perfect in every way.

Check out for these powerful tools. Everyones journey is different. offers several mediations for your own unique journey.

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