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-My New Group Therapy Room-

Located in my office

In collaboration with Stephanie McGuirk, we are offering for our clients small group women's movement classes; wellness educational classes; group acupuncture sessions and more.......




Pop-Up Classes

Women's Yoga Class Series

Taking my 15 years+ yoga experience with my 10years+ bodywork experience and interlacing them into a therapeutic yoga movement class that will unwind your fascial system and connect you to your body with breath and movement.

Our bodies are meant to flex and extend and also spiral and be fluid. It's easy to loose that spiral, extension and fluidity in our joints with day to day life. We will rock, roll and use rhythmic movements to unlock our fascial lines and floss our joints, all while working through my favorite yoga poses for strength and flexibility. 

This class is gentle and slow moving linking breath and movement and the use of many props are encouraged throughout the movements to keep you feeling supported and at ease. 

~Not a Prenatal Class

Reach out if you are current client interested in classes or sign up below!

Class sizes are very limited.

Registration is required.

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