Got Magnesium?

My number one suggestion I give to my clients is to stop by the store and grab some Epsom Salt and use it!!!!

As a Massage Therapist I often hear the same couple of complaints. And odds are if you have seen me I have told you to take an Epsom Salt Bath or use it in the shower.

Epsom Salt is magnesium and magnesium is amazing for a combo of symptoms we often suffer from.

If you have muscle cramps, leg cramps, sleep issues, stress, or hormone imbalances your body needs magnesium!

Magnesium is a little super hero in a box. It comes in several great aromas and it is cheap!

When magnesium is absorbed into your skin it helps to soften tight contracted muscles. It has a soothing effect which is amazing for sleep, stress, and roller coaster hormones.

For those with really tight aching muscles it helps to take the deep ache away.

There are several ways to use epsom salt:

1. Bath

Be sure to use at least 4 cups in a full bath tub and soak for a minimum of 20 minutes

2. Shower

This is the busy mom way. Place the entire box in the shower and grab 3-4 handfuls and massage into those tight areas. As the salt falls off your body, keep collecting and massaging into your skin until it disolves.

3. Compress

Place a 1/4 cup of salt into a wash cloth. Fold the cloth and then dampen the cloth with water. Appy the compress to achy areas and leave on for 20 minutes

4. Topical

Magnesium oil is a topical spray that can be sprayed directly to areas. It is highly concentrated and only a couple of sprays are needed. Check out for a spray that isn't sticky or itchy.


Check out this article from Wellness Mama about Magnesium Deficiency.

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