Soaring through 2016

Last year at this time my family and I were looking for a house, seeking out a great school for my son, and I preparing to get my massage license in Bend, Oregon. The mountain air and the Oregon green-earthy vibration was calling so strongly to me that I felt life was too short to not pick up and go! My husband and I has been manifesting this for 2 years and it was fianlly coming true. My husband had landed a job and we hopped a plane to Oregon to plant some roots. But to our surprise when we got there it was clear it didn't feel right. We knew in that moment where we were suppose to be, where our tribe was, where home was, and that Oregon would always be a plane ride away.

I came home not disappointed, but surprised at how our dream had taken a turn. It was obvious the universe would let me take that route, but it had a better plan for us.

A couple of nighs later I sat under the stars and meditated about what was to happen next.

I recieved a message from the Divine and was told that this is my home; this is my land; this is where I belong; and this is where I will spread my wings and soar.

I called Ashley Walborn and Jessica Sexton the next day and told them I was staying in KC and then Glowing Massage Therapy was created.

I am amazed how the universe enabled me free free will to choose any path I desired, but when I stopped and really listened and really felt with my heart; my true calling appeared.

I feel so blessed to call Home Holistic my home and also the Heartland. I have loved meeting each and everyone of you on your journey and you all have helped me on mine. You have all shaped me and have created Glowing Massage Therapy.

I spread my wings for creation last year and I am now soaring this year with healing hands and continue to grow with each person I touch.

I look forward to ascending with all of you!

Namaste, Kristen Thomas

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